Delay of Game

NFT Business News by Clyde F. Smith

My sincere apologies for the recent lapse in newsletters.

Last month I went on vacation and just didn’t come back. A lot was going on and I’ve been sorting out what I want to do in NFT Land this year.

I was going to return to NFT Entrepreneur this weekend. There are so many developments since my last newsletter that fit the current FAANG/Corporate entry movement into NFTs and I have thoughts.

But I’m finding myself scrambling for work.

NFTs WTF is mostly where I’m writing at the moment and it first appeared as if I would get more work on a more consistent basis there but that hasn’t been the case. It is a new publication so they have lots of things to sort out and one has to respect that process.

I feel very positive about my involvement there and I had initially hoped it would have been one of two writing jobs that would allow me to develop projects like this one without being concerned about revenue. And that would have worked out even with less work than I expected from NFTs WTF.

Here’s the thing. Earlier this summer I was recruited by a major new NFT platform that was going to pay me the highest rate for my writing I’m likely to receive in this space. I turned down other opportunities because this was a chance to focus on NFTs and do some original work.

We started out with a piece to help publicize the planned launch of a high profile NFT project. Along the way, I was given notes from both the platform (my employers) and from the NFT project (of somebody major).

But it turned out the folks at the platform were telling me to work on something that the NFT project had said not to do. The NFT project wasn’t giving any notes because they didn’t know I was working on anything.

I was being gaslighted.

Apparently, the NFT project had explicitly stated they wanted to handle all publicity efforts themselves. Supposedly the folks at this platform thought they could present something so cool that the project would be amazed and would go for it.

In the process of working on the piece I reached out to a pr person associated with the NFT project as I would on any news writing assignment in which I was not told such contact was off-limits. This single email was passed on to somebody higher up and all hell broke loose because suddenly the NFT project discovered that a previously trusted partner, the platform, was going behind their back and doing things they knew they weren’t supposed to do.

I lost the writing opportunity. The platform lost the NFT project. And I think I may have been scapegoated both within the platform and with the NFT project.

Combine that with less work than expected and I’m back on the market looking for additional projects.

On that note, if you need a writer, please hit me up via my NFT Entrepreneur Contact Form.

I’ll be back to NFT Entrepreneur as soon as I can. If I have to get a regular job, I fully intend to keep doing this newsletter regardless so you haven’t seen the last of me!